Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Survey Sites... UPDATE

Update: Since the original post on 10/19, I have earned:

Synovate - has surveys that can lead to in home product testing... sign up here with my referral link... I think I get bonus points if you do. :)
$15 cash, and 3 product-tests

ViewPointForum. I'm told that you can get in home product testing opportunities here. Apparently signing up via referral is the ONLY way you can join this one. I had to beg for a referral, and now I'm sharing with you!! Just shoot me an email or comment here if you need one.
$11.47 after doing 4 surveys...

So do you guys do the online surveys? Where do you go? I'd LOVE to hear from you guys... Thanks for readin'!!


Denise said...

I would love a referral for ViewPointForum! Thanks for the info on these two!


Denise said...

Well, duh! Sorry!!
email: blessingsandsavings@comcast.net


EndureMyWorld said...

I also would like a viewpoint referral. enduremyworld @ yahoo dot com

Lisa said...

I'd like a referral for ViewPoint, too, if you don't mind! My e-mail is bunkielisa (at) sbcglobal (dot) net. Thanks!

madolynmoore said...

I too would like a referral for Viewpoint. Thanks!
themoosehouse at gmail dot com