Friday, December 26, 2008

Heads up: K-Mart Double Coupon Event...

Notice I didn't call it Super Doubles? Well, it just doesn't seem as super as it used to be. I read the info for the next doubles event here. I'm not very excited, but with $1 coupons, I reckon you could score plenty of grocery items, given the right sale.

To kick off the New Year right, Jan. 4-9, Kmart will help keep more cash in its customers' pockets by offering even greater savings on must-have merchandise with its Double Coupon Event. Savvy shoppers can bring in a manufacturer instant coupon with a face value of up to $1.00 and Kmart will double the value. Customers can use up to 25 coupons per person, per day. (See store for details.)

I'm hoping it was a mistake, and the $2 Q days will return.

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