Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My KMart Double Coupon Adventure...

Ok - Here's how I did today!!! Total OOP: $50.94, Total Savings: $227.29
My OOP was a bit on the high side, but there were things I HAD to buy... And I just realized my spreadsheet is "off"... As far as the total goes. So ignore that part. Looks like two of my $2 coupons didn't go, and I forgot to think about tax, which was $4.13

I'm posting my spreadsheet instead of typing it out... If you have a question about a specific coupon, let me know. Click the picture if you need to actually be able to read it :). In the coupon column, I automatically adjusted a coupon if it was going to produce overage.


Missy said...

WOW. I wish I would have had the time to put together a list, but with leaving town for the weekend, I have been trying to get us ready. Anyway, do you go to Kmart first to scope out the prices, then make your deal, or just pull all of the coupons you want to use and check out the prices when you are there and get them if it is a good enough deal? You seem so organized...a real downfall of mine!

CouponNerd said...

You go girl!
our local Kmart isn't doing the double which is kinda good since my REALLY REALLY good Qs are gone. i hope they do this again in January so i have time to replenish

cheapsk8mom said...

I'm running low of really good Q's too!! How I pre-plan my super K runs are: I look at the ad and see if I have any Qs that match it for hot free stuff. Or cheap stuff. Then I cruise thru my Q's and see what I would like to have that I don't usually get - or that I usually get but wanna get even cheaper.

IE: The .75/1 Slim Jim Q from All You. Husband's a slim jimmer for sure. So we decided to wait till it could be a $1.50 Q

Then a LOT of it is just me cruising the aisles w/my binder eyeballin everything.

Ginger said...

When I read the part about your "w/my binder eyeballin everything" I couldn't help but smile. I am so glad you were the winner of the big fat binder I gave away.


cheapsk8mom said...

Me too! OMGosh, me too. I love it. I love the secret pockets, the little elastic loop thing that holds my scissors while I stroll around looking for free stuff..
Did you see the picture of it in the background when I was showing off the giant reusable bags I got from Sams? Check here. See how it's stretched to the limit with money saving coupon fun? :) Thanks again and again!