Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2/1 SS, P&G and Redplum Insert Preview...

Thanks to amit @ SD !! Here's the preview for the RP & SS for 2/1 (P&G either 2/1 or 2/8... some people get lucky!) I haven't even clipped last weekends yet, I'm not even gonna lie! These are for Southern Ohio - so please expect some regional variations!


Air Wick any Buy 1 warmer unit get 1 scented oil refill fragrance FREE (up to $3.19) (ex. 3-15-09)
Air Wick any scented oil refills $1/2 (ex. 3-15-09)
Air Wick any I-motion starter kit $4/1 (ex. 3-15-09)
Chex Cereals any chocolate, honey nut, strawberry, or cinnamon $0.75/1 (ex. 3-14-09)
Colgate any advanced whitening, total advanced clean or total advanced fresh toothpaste (4.0 oz. or larger) $1/1 (ex. 2-21-09)
Colgate any toothpaste adult or children’s (4.0oz. or larger) $0.75/1 (ex. 2-21-09)
Colgate any 360 sonic power toothbrush (ex. 2-21-09)
Colgate any adult or kids manual toothbrush $0.40/1 (ex. 2-21-09)
DiGiorno any unltimate pizzeria style pizza $1/1 (ex. 4-5-09)
Glade B1G1 FREE any scented oil candle holder (up to $7.99) (ex. 3-14-09)
Glade any scented oil candle refill pack $1/2 (ex. 3-14-09)
Glade any 4oz. jar candles or 2-in-1 candles $1.50/2 (ex. 3-14-09)
Healthy Ones any packaged lunchmeat, deli pre-sliced or 1lb. of deli meat $0.75/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
Kozy Shack any ready grains product $0.55/1 (ex. 4-30-09) ~DND~5
Lime-A-Way any cleaner $0.75/1 (ex. 3-29-09)
Lysol any disinfectant spray (12oz. or larger) $2/1 (ex. 3-30-09)
Lysol any To Go $0.50/1 (ex. 3-30-09)
Lysol any disinfecting wipes $1/2 (ex. 3-30-09)
Palmolive any dish liquid $0.25/1 (ex. 2-21-09)
Palmolive any pure + clear liquid dish soap (20oz.) $0.75/1 (ex. 2-21-09)
Rachel Ray Nutrish any 6lb. or larger bag $2/1 (ex. 5-31-09)
Rachel Ray Isaboo Treats any bag $1/1 (ex. 5-31-09)
Romano’s Macaroni Grill any restaurant favorites dinner kit $1/1 (ex. 3-18-09)
Shamrock Farms any 12oz. mmmmilks $1/2 (ex. 3-15-09)

Gatorade any box of G2 powder packs $1/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
Kellogg’s any fruit flavored snacks $1/2 (ex. 3-29-09)
K-Y any yours+mine or intrigue, excludes trials $5/1 (ex. 6-30-09)
K-Y any product, excludes trials $2/1 (ex. 6-30-09)
Marzetti any dressing $0.55/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
M&M’s Premium chocolate candies $1/1 (ex. 3-31-09)
Neo-Synephrine any product $1/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
Quaker any box of Simple Harvest all natural multigrain chewy granola bars $1/1 (ex. 3-31-09)
Robitussin any product $1/1 (ex. 5-31-09)
Smart Balance any buttery spreads $1/2 (ex. 4-30-09)
Smart Balance any Peanut butter $1/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
Smart Balance any cooking oil or pan spray $1/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
Smart Balance any popcorn $1/2 (ex. 4-30-09)
Smart Balance any 50/50 butter blend $1/1 (ex. 4-30-09)
Sparkle any 2-giant roll pack or larger paper towels $0.25 (ex. 3-2-09)
Suave any body wash $0.75/2 (ex. 2-28-09)
Suave any body wash $1.50/3 (ex. 2-28-09)

Here's the P&G
$1 any covergirl
$1 queen collection covergirl
$5 olay professional rx
$1/2 olay bar soap packs/body washes/in-shower body washes
$1/1 olay ribbons body wash/botanical fusion body wash
$1 olay facial moisturizer or cleanser
$1 olay hand and body lotion or mousse
$1/2 any pantene products
$2/2 any pantene styling products/hairsprays/treatments
$3/2 herbal essences shampoos/conditioners/styling products/hair color
$1 any cascade action packs
$.50 any cascade complete powder or gel
$.35 any tide
$.35 tide to go
$.25 any downy liquid
$.25 any downy sheet
$.25 any charmin
$.25 any bounty
$.25 any bounce sheet
$.25 folgers (7oz or larger)
$1 head & shoulders shampoo/conditioner
buy swiffer sweeper starter kit, get box of refills free
$.50 swiffer refills
$3 wetjet starter kit
$1 swiffer dusters starter kit/swiffer dust & shine
$1 febreze noticeable starter kit
$1 febreze fabric refresher
$1 febreze air effects
$1 febreze candle
$1 pringles stix/select/snack stack/mini product
$.30/3 pringles cans
$1 any bag Iams dry dog/cat food
$1/8 dog or $1/10 cat Iams cans or $1/1 multi/variety pack
$1 clearblue easy
$1 any pampers diapers/pants
$1.50 any pampers swaddlers sensitive diapers
$1 any prilosec otc
$1 any metamucil/fibersure
$1.50 vicks nyquil/dayquil
$1 any viks product except nyquil/dayquil
$2 oral b adult manual twin pack
$1 scope mouthwash (946mL or larger)
$10 crest whitestrip advanced seal
$1 any oral-b crossaction power battery toothbrush or refills
$.75 crest rinse (946mL or larger)
$1 cresh weekly clean/other4.2mL larger paste or liquid gel
$1 oral b pulsar/crossaction/advantage toothbrush or on 2 indicator manual toothbrushes
b1g1 oral b stages manual toothbrush
b1g1 crest kid's toothpaste
$1 any tag body spray/invisible solid
b2g1 tag body spray/invisible solid
$1 old spice body wash
$1/2 old spice antiperspirant or $1/1 pro strength product
$2/2 gillette antiperspirant or body wash (mix & match)
$1 gillette shampoo/conditioner/styler
$4 any fusion razor
$1 hydragel/hydracool/hydrasmooth
$2 any venus razor
$2 any spa breeze venus disposable razor
$.55 satin care shave gel

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Corey said...

So, I am pretty sure Walgreens is going to hate that P&G. With the great promo on razors, I am going to be there a lot :) Plus free razors at CVS! I am going to be in heaven.