Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm making the Internet work for me...

I thought I'd toss out a few of the things I do online to score free items, cash, coupons... the like..

Mindfield Online. A site that sends you surveys you can complete for cash. It's been slow going so far ($15 since OCT), but hey- free money is always a good thing!

Lightspeed Online - I haven't earned anything yet, but just signed up last week. I've heard from others though that this is a good one, you can redeem your points for things like Applebee's Gift Cards!! Katie over at Cincinnati Cents says it's a good one, I believe her. Make sure you check out her blog too, her new layout design is AWESOME. Maybe someday I'll have one too!

BzzAgent - As a BzzAgent, you'll get to:
* Discover and try new products and services (often for free)
* Spread sincere word of mouth about them
* Have your opinions influence some of the biggest companies and brands around
If you'd like to receive those benefits, become an Agent today. Don't worry, BzzAgent respects its members' privacy and won't share your personal information or spam you.

SheSpeaks gives you many ways to have a say, including... testing products to inspire the companies who created them, writing your opinions on our blogs and discussion boards, creating your own product reviews, or getting expert advice on a range of topics to keep you in-the-know. And the best part is... we promise to never charge you a penny.
I've gotten to try OPI Nic Sticks nail polish, and Ghirardelli Peanut Butter Chocolates... Both products I actually liked a lot...

Synovate/Global Opinion Panels - By far my most favorite Survey site. You earn cash pretty quickly, and I have been selected for more than a few really fun product tests, since joining in late October. If I could only pick one survey site to be a member of, this would be it!

Pssst by General Mills... Right now my account is empty, but not too long ago there were great links to printables for Progresso (the $1.10/1). Make sure you sign up there.
Pssst…is all about some of the best known food and consumer brands in the country. If you would like to receive news about new products (and even samples and coupons from time to time), you can become a member.
Pssst… also offers a behind-the-scenes look at General Mills and occasionally an opportunity to give your opinion about products and initiatives. Pssst… is fun and it’s free to Join.

Survey Spot. This is another paid survey site, and I've gotten one product test from them and $8. They tend to send a LOT of surveys (a few per day), but many are for "chances to win" instead of actual payment. It pays to take those surveys too though, because a few have turned out to be screeners for product tests, lol. Sneaky survey spot!!

ViewPoint Forum - this one's by email referral only... If you wanna join, shoot me an email and I'll send one over. I have earned about $18'ish dollars so far, but haven't gotten any surveys from them this week...
Forum Points Program
As a member of Viewpoint Forum you will always be compensated for your opinions. Most of our surveys are rewarded with Forum Points. The amount of Forum Points you can earn will vary depending upon the length and complexity of the survey, although most surveys will earn you 75 Forum Points for completion. The amount of Forum Points you will earn for each survey will be communicated to you in the initial survey notification email. Most surveys will take about 10 minutes to complete.

Members can accumulate Forum Points and are eligible to request payment once they reach a total of 375 Forum Points (the equivalent of $10). Members can also allow their Forum Points to accumulate and request payment at a later date. Members are able to view and manage their Forum Points account via their personal home page on our website.

Your2Cents. I have earned $13 so far, and haven't had a survey in a while... But again - free money is free money...You have to have 30,000 points to cash out ($10), but most the surveys I've gotten from them are for $1 - $3, it just takes time...

Vocalpoint. What can be said about Vocalpoint... If you're not already a member, you have to join asap. Examples lately have been: A package with a coupon for a free box of Kashi TLC bars, and a set of $2 off coupons to give to friends.. There's always a package of coupons, one awesome one, and a few high-dollar ones to spread the love. I recently got a suction-cup hook to hang my tuna pouches on courtesy of the folks at Starkist. It went along with a promo with some really awesome tuna coupons! Sign up now... don't wait.

Join the Kashi Community too. I recently got a package in the mail (similar to the vocalpoint pack) with coupons for $2 off Kashi TLC bars, and a coupon for a free box!!! They don't send you a bunch of spam emails or anything... Definitely worth it..

Do you have an interesting place that you're registered at that hooks you up? Share!!! :)

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