Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kmart Super Double Coupons... Yes, I did

So I went for SDC today at the Kmart. I had to break my order into two parts. While we were there, I picked up a few things we needed so my totals are a lil' high... Also, my cashier was a straight-up nightmare. I'm not gonna lie at all... Just imagine this conversation:
1st transaction - coupons are being scanned through.... I notice he's just punching random things on the screen rather than match them to the products that the coupons are intended for... I take 2 deep breaths...
Me: "Are you choosing the appropriate products for the coupon?"
Cody: "What do you mean?"
Me: "I mean if you scan an Oust coupon, shouldn't you match it to an Oust item, rather than Luden's?"
Cody: "Oh that. No - it doesn't matter."
Me: "Um, yes it does actually. You do know you're having double coupons today, right?"
Cody: "Oh yeah, but it doesn't matter. We're only doubling up to $1.00" (he's rude at this point)
Me: "I won't argue with you about it, but I am right." (point at the ad that indicates doubles up to and including $2)
Cody: "Oh - but still it doesn't matter"
...... i'm still breathing at this point, and just watch as Cody randomly chooses how to redeem my coupons. I eyeball the CS area, imagining how much time it's going to take them to figure out what Cody has done to my order.... and that's ONCE I get to be at the front of the line, currently 6 people (screaming toddlers included) deep. The ALL and the Hefty Bags were about $18 (after Q's) on their own...
Total OOP for both transactions: $33.85
Total Savings for both: $142.75

I did not go to the CS counter. I was tired, husband was tired. And I was generally not pleased (per usual) with the checkout experience at the Kmart. (Plainfield, Indiana)


PennyWise Taximom said...

If it is any consolation, I spoke with a friend of mine who is a manager at a Kmart and asked her about the cashiers selecting any product on the screen when it comes to the coupon- because they did that to me as well- she said it does not have any effect, it is just a secondary method that they have set up in the system, but that it does not affect the acceptance of the coupon or the amount it takes off. I asked her why they even did it then, she said it's just how they corporation has the computer system set up.

Bargain Briana said...

Yes, it does affect how much it takes off your order. If the item is $4 and you have a $2/1 coupon. If it s a $3 item, it only doubles to $3. So if they apply the wrong coupon to the wrong order it will not come out right!

I posted my suggestions on the last round of doubles HERE:

cheapsk8mom said...

I agree Briana... it SO DOES matter. I reckon when doubles aren't going on, it doesn't matter though.

Coupon A= $1.50
Coupon B= $2.00

Coupon A goes with item A (costs $3), once doubled, is free. Coupon B goes with item B (costs $4), doubled = free

Coupon A goes with Item B, you will be charged $1 for that item. Coupon B with Item A will still net you item A for free... but overall you've just spent $1 that you didn't need to.