Sunday, January 4, 2009

Retail Therapy: Target

If you still have $2 off Kashi bars Q's... you could take them over to the Target and leave there paying .75/box!!!!

Next stop: Target
Needed to get the super cute fiber-optic lighthouse on sale for 75% off...

Fiber-Optic Lighthouse @ $6.24
2 Rayovac @ .25 (I can't find my $1/2 manQ)
1 Edible Images for Cookies @ .49
4 Kashi TLC Soft Bars @ 2.75
-- used 4 $2/1 manQ from Kashi Mailer (was similar to the vocalpoint one)
1pk of super fancy blue snowflake GLITTERY ornaments @ .49

Total OOP: I can't find my rec't... but it was all free since I had GC leftover from the Glade deal...


Kate said...

I've been waiting to find where to use those Kashi coupons! Is your Target a SuperTarget or regular? I just have a small regular one, so I don't know that they'll carry them

cheapsk8mom said...

I went to a regular Target... it had a small section of food.