Saturday, January 24, 2009

Survey Updates...

Ok, I have to say that I'm STILL loving Synovate (Global Opinion Panel) more and more every day. Although given how quickly MindField paid me... they might be my favorite soon :)

I've been getting a ton of surveys every day from all of the companies... (about 12 a day or so).

Synovate - has surveys that can lead to in home product testing... sign up here with my referral link... I think I get bonus points if you do. :)
$90 cash, and a bunch of product-tests
(since I signed up 10/19) (i'm wondering why I'm getting so many P/T's... I guess it's because of so many kids, aged 15 thru 9, a super awesome dog, and a husband who is awesome. That, and we eat / use / are interested in just about everything!)

the exact products are TOP SECRET :) but I can say this... I like giving my opinions on things, and I was skeptical about doing survey sites... But this one's really turned out to be some fun! Free money & Free STUFF, and they wanna know what I THINK. I'm lovin it. If you haven't signed up, you probably should!

The other sites I have been getting a few surveys from lately are:
Mindfield - took a little while to get all the "getting to know me" type stuff done. I've earned $16 so far, and have also qualified for 2 product tests now. I requested payout on 1/19 - and I got the check in the mail today!!! (1/24) That has to be a record of some kind.

Viewpoint Forum - I have earned $17 so far. I don't seem to get a ton of surveys, but the few I have gotten have been pretty easy, and I got $ credited. If you want to join this one, email me at cheapsk8mom @ att . net with your email. You can only join by referral, and there's no fun link to post.

Lightspeed Online - I have earned 75 points so far (slow going) but just signed up 2 weeks ago. I've heard from others though that this is a good one, you can redeem your points for things like Applebee's Gift Cards!! Katie over at Cincinnati Cents says it's a good one, I believe her. Make sure you check out her blog too, her new layout design is AWESOME. Maybe someday I'll have one too!

What sites do you use? SO far I <3 Synovate the most. I LOVE Product testing! I know it started out that I wanted the free money, and free stuff... But now I'm really excited knowing that my opinions are going to help shape the product prior to it being available for purchase. I feel important :)

How have you guys been doing with the surveys? I know a few of you commented before about sites you use as well... Have you noticed a slow-down at all?

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