Monday, February 16, 2009

$1 off Muir Glen

I don't know if this one's been out there or not, but I've just printed 2... So I wanted to share.


Lowry517 said...

FYI...I went to a Super Target around the Dallas, TX area on Saturday 2/14. I have noticed alot of the unadvertised Target sales go for about 2 weeks maybe more. These diced tomoatoes and tomatoe sauce were on sale 2/$3, so I paid $0.50 a can. I had 8 of the $1 coupons. We are well stocked now! : )

Also, I got the bags of Flat Earth chips for $0.69 when I matched up $1 Target Q with the $1 Man.Q.

Stacy's pita chips were 2/$5 the past 2 weeks. I used the $1.50/1
6 oz. bag making it $1 bag. The Parmescan Garlic Herb are addicting!!

cheapsk8mom said...

i love the salty snacks...

and yeah, the muir glen tomatoes are the bomb! great find Lacey :)