Wednesday, February 11, 2009

$1 off Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads!

Link at the bottom of the page on the right... I haven't seen these before, I think they'd really be great to use on that giant garden tub that I absolutely HAD to have when we were house hunting... and now it's just a giant dust collector that gets used a few times a month! Also go here to get a printable for .50/1 Soft Scrub Product... and/or request in the mail.


Paula said...

You use your garden tub? lol.. 19 years ago I had to have it too and we stopped using it many years ago...dust collector is putting it mildly.

cheapsk8mom said...

I wouldn't say that "I" use the tub... lol that big beautiful winking dog of mine gets clean though :)