Tuesday, February 3, 2009

$1.50 off YoPlus!

I LOVE this Yogurt... yes it's got the probiotics that help you out - you know... But more than that, I love the container. It's low and wide (spoon doesn't tip it over) and you can pile in some fruit or a few nuts, or even some granola, and will be able to actually eat it without issue. It makes me think back to the drama we used to have with Tasha (16yrs old next month) and her great love for "nogrit" (yogurt). I would have loved this container for her as a child... I think all kids' yougurts should come in shallow, wide mouthed containers... but i'm rambling..

I love ALL of the flavors, but must admit I'm mostly pleased with their cherry variety. Anyhow - you'll be able to print 2 coupons for $1.50 off a 4pk. Awesome!! In most stores this would result in a 4pk costing less than $1, which is awesome! (I believe it's $1.98 at the Walmart)

If you shop at the Kroger you can combine this w/the $1/1 e-coupon from cellfire or shortcuts! It's priced at $2.49 at my Kroger, so this would be free + 0.01 overage.

link for internet explorer, or firefox

And if for some reason you don't LOVE this product, go here to download the rebate form! I don't think anyone's gonna NEED this rebate, since the yogurt is awesome!

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