Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Trip To Meijer....

Transaction 1:
5 Dental Floss @ $1
Total: $5.35 + $8 Catalina

Transaction 2:
5 Sterile Pads @ .99 ea
2 Hot Tamales @ $1.25 ea
5 Kellogg's French Vanilla Eggo Waffles @ $0.47 ea
-- Hidden Clearance Find
Used $8 Catalina (Generated another $8 Catalina)
Total OOP: $1.86

Transaction 3:
Garlic Bread @ $3.29
- .55/1 peelie
3 Toothbrushes @ $1.09 ea
2 Toothbrushes @ $1.50 ea
Used $8 Catalina (Generated another $8 Catalina)
Total OOP: $1.08

Transaction 4:
Garlic Bread @ $3.29
- .55/1 peelie
3 Toothbrushes @ $1.09 ea
2 Toothbrushes @ $1.50 ea
Used $8 Catalina (Generated another $8 Catalina)
Total OOP: $0.02

Transaction 5:
Air Pump for Soccer Ball (not pictured) $3.24
Water Bottle from Frosted Flakes $0.01
(apparently it's free wyb 2 boxes of cereal, but I forgot to grab those)
1 Herdez Salsa Verde @ $.99
2 Starbucks Coffee Beans @ $8.73 ea
-- Generated $1 OYNO Catalina
2 Gal of Milk @ $2.39 ea
3 2.2 lb packages of Ground 80%/20% Beef clearanced @ $3.83

Used $1 off Dairy purchase catalina (from previous trip)
Used $4 off $30 Catalina (from previous trip)
Used $8 off Catalina from Transaction 4.

Total OOP: $25.14

Total OOP for entire trip: $32.45
Total Savings: $64.53


Paula said...

You did great. How long is the catalina deal going? I need to go there tomorrow.

krog said...

I did this at the Carmel Meijer on Friday and it worked, however when I tried it at the Carmel and Noblesville Meijer on Saturday it was not fixed. No catalinas... You are lucky!!!

cheapsk8mom said...

Thank you...
From what I understand it's thru the 11th...

I had a few items that found their way to the cart due to husband... but he's so very worth it!

Look out for those Waffles on clearance... it's a hot deal!

Shannon said...

Great job!
Did you do all of these transactions at the self check out?

cheapsk8mom said...

Typically I do the transactions at SCO, however today I did them with a cashier. A very friendly, coupon-enthusiastic, and FAST cashier. She rocked!! I plan on going through her line everytime I see her, if for no other reason than to get a receipt so that I can leave a comment about how wonderful she was.
(Older woman (my mom's age+) and so good at her job)

LouAnn said...

I tried this at a Meijer in N-KY yesterday. I got a boatload of catalina's, but not any $8 ones. I got a bunch of $1 off produce, cheese, meat, etc. which had min. spending on them, so I probaby won't be able to use them! But worth a try I guess...

Sheila said...

Does your Meijer double coupons?
Do they let you use a Mealbox coupon with a manufacturer's coupon? Mine used to but doesn't anymore...

cheapsk8mom said...

1 time my Meijer Mealbox Q's doubled, but I haven't had it happen since. I have wondered why forever... and have realized that it was the cashier who instead of trying to scan it, entered it as a .50 manufacturer's Q... which is why it doubled... My Meijer doesn't want us to use the MBQ with other coupons. They allowed it in the VERY beginning, but not now.

melyn said...

Wow! Great haul! I can't wait until we have a meijer's nearby.

Kate said...

Again with the "Aggh!" I didn't get to go to Meijer (remember I was going to bring my little ones?), because I got stuck in the freaking hospital!!!!!

cheapsk8mom said...

omgosh, what happened? are you / kids ok?

Kate said...

I'm okay. I spent almost a week in the hospital with a very rare condition that was breaking down the muscles in my body. Total freak thing. They aren't sure what caused it, but I'm improving, so I was allowed to go home. One of the hardest parts was when my husband told me he was going grocery shopping! But he did manage to use the $18 in ECBs that I had that were expiring!