Friday, February 6, 2009

CVS on the fly...

I realized a couple of things today...
1. I hadn't been to CVS in ages...
2. My ECB were going to expire!!

I didn't have a deal in mind, so I just did it on the fly... That's kind of a big deal for me, since usually I meticulously plan my CVS trips in advance.

Not my best run - not even close - but it was ok... Here's what I did:

1 Tylenol Meltaway @ $5.49
-- used $4/1 manQ (printable no longer available)
---- UPON examination of my receipt... I was charged for 2 of these... GRRR

1 CVS ibuprofen @ $1.99
-- used "Free" CRT

4 Glade Glass Candles
-- used 2 $1/1 manQ from mailer
-- used $1.50/2 manQ from insert
**** Generated $5 ECB

1 Planter's Cashews @ $5.59
-- used "Free" product Q from Kraft "SO good together" IWG

1 Charmin UltraStrong @ 3.99
-- used $1/1 manQ from mail

used $5/$25 CRT and $9 ECB
OOP: $3.83 (but actually i should have been negative $2 and had to find fillers - typically candy)
Earned $5 ECB

Not a good run, and I'm not exactly happy about being overcharged either :(

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