Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did you do the Huggies Deal at Walgreens yet? *insert brag here*

I've gotten more than a few emails about the diaper deal posted in the weekly deals for Walgreens.. and I thought wow. If only I had babies... Since all you folks that read here are the smartest and bestest deal hounds ever, I thought why not toss out a post for you all to comment what you've done, what's worked, what hasn't... And brag, by all means... Link me to your blog post, if you're a blogger... Let it all out!

$10 RR wyb $25 or more of participating products.
Great Scenario:
Huggies jumbo pks diapers or training pants $10
$5 Huggies coupon at
If you can print 3
  • 3 x $10=$30
  • -(3) $5=15
  • -$3 ($1 Wags Q from coloring or activity book)
  • -10 RR=$2
Mostly because I love hearing your deals, but also because I think that this might help other people get ideas that they might not have had otherwise. Plus you can be a Huggies rockstar lol.


Dina said...

Dang, my Walgreens is out of anything I can use these great Qs on! Need to stop by another one... would be a shame not to take advantage of this deal.

Corrie at "Cents"able Momma said...

I got 3 packs of size 4 not as great a deal as your scenario (since the $5 QP is only good for the small sizes), but with the $3 QP and the RR's, it was a great deal for diapers!

Lowry517 said...

Well, I got the deal (9) times. Yes, (9)!!! I got there when they opened on Sunday morning. We were late to church that morning. A manager ordered more diapers/wipes on Saturday b/c I told her of the big deal with the high value coupons. I told her they would run out after a few people. She quickly ordered Saturday, and the stuff was here in the truck on Monday. I checked out with 5 transactions on Sunday. Then, went to do a return for a different item on Tuesday morning when they told me the stuff was already in. I did another 4 transactions on Tuesday. I had purchased tons of Walgreens diapers last week when I got them for $2.50. So, I mainly bought wipes, but some size 5 Huggies diapers for the future. I have a 13 month old, so we have totally stocked up on diapers/pull-ups/wipes. Not to mention the fact I have some small sized diapers and wipes to give away or for shower gifts. I highly encourage ya'll to get a bunch. This stuff is not going to ruin. I just wish I could have known to do this long, long ago before I ever had kids. I think of the thousands of dollars we would have save!!! Be creative!!!

And, don't forget there is $1 coupon in the Walgreens coloring book. So, you get an extra $1 off each package of Huggies diapers you buy. Too bad it doesn't work on the wipes. They actually paid me to take those out the door. Ha! So, if you purchase 3 packages of Huggies diapers in one transaction, you will only pay $2 for (3) pkgs. after all the coupons & RRs. From $30 to $15 minus $3 in coloring book coupons to $12. You get $10 RRs back. That's only like $0.66 a package for diapers.

Another idea - if they are out of the size you need, buy another size. You can always exchange it later when they get more in. But, you can't get a raincheck with RRs attached to it.

Kate said...

I did the deal once, and intend to do it again tomorrow. I rolled my $10 RR from last week's Dove deal. I have enough Diapers on hand to get through potty training, so I'll probably exchange these for Pull UPs :)

cheapsk8mom said...

You guys are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

No kids here, but I scored diapers!

Saving Big With Four Sons said...

check out my walgreens trip here