Monday, March 9, 2009

I also went to Walgreens...

Ever had one of those trips where the coupons all work great and the cashiers are awesome? Today wasn't the day... But I did get some great stuff for a decent price... although it shoulda been better. Cashier didn't like B1G1 Q with $4/1... never had that problem before. GRR

Shrug it off, and hope to get a better run later in the week, since I love Glade so much...

Here's what I did:
3 Sambucol Cold Medicine @ $12.99 ea
- used 3 $4/1 printables
- used $10/1 from Walgreens ESR booklet
Final: $3.03 overage

5 Glade Sense & Spray @ $7.99 ea
- used 2 B1G1 printables
- used $4 from Walgreens ESR booklet

4 Glade Lasting Impressions @ $7.99 ea
- used 2 B1G1 printables
- used $4 from Walgreens ESR booklet

6 Garnier Products @ $2.99 ea
- used 6 (only 5 were scanned) $1/1 ManQ
- used $2 from Walgreens ESR booklet

2 Iced Tea @ .99
(not pictured)

Final Cost to me: $13.00
($9.16 in tax!!!)


Paula said...

I think you read my blog so you know how I feel about Walgreen's. I love the deals but I hate the process they sometimes make me go through....eeerrr. The coupons never seem to work right, if they don't take the RR off right they have issues and lord forbid if you get a cashier that gets confused because the whole process turns into a frustrating mess. On the flip side of that sometimes the cashiers are so helpful and nice you want to get that person all the time!

cheapsk8mom said...

So nice and helpful... man in my area, they're called CVS employees. I left there so cranky and upset, it's sad really. I did write an email to corp requesting information regarding certain coupon scenarios...

CalebNKylesMommy said...

I'm new to Wags did you do each set of items seperate? I'm trying to see if I can do the same thing you did. Could you give me a wags for dummies run down of this trip? Thanks!

Momma Haeuser said...

I had a similar experience at Wags yesterday. I wasn't allowed to use my $1/1 ManQ with the $2/1 from ESR book with the Garnier haircare. Cashier said they were not allowed because the difference is .99 not $1, she said she could lose her job. The only other Q she wouldn't take was my 2nd $1.50/1 Coffee Mate because it was on sale $2.49 BOGO. I did get a few Qs on clearance haircolor that gave me overage, but the whole process really gave me a headache and turned me off to Walgreens. She called the manager over to ask a question on why one of my $5 Qs didn't scan and he glared at me and told her to just ring it through manually. If looks could kill!!! After that, she got all of the Qs mixed up and had to run throught the tape to see which ones she had scanned and which ones she had left. I'm glad I went alone, my hubby who I usually drag with me, would have been so embarrassed & he would have never wanted to return. I just signed up for a CVS card, I think I will try my luck there from now on.

Corey said...

So how did you convince them to take the $1 garnier coupons :P? The other day you said Camby Walgreens were just as bad as my Indy Walgreens :P I am scared to try, I don't have time to argue. It is Spring Break next week gotta plan for it ;)

I wrote to corporate about Indy Walgreens also, so maybe we can get them to shape up....I doubt it but at least its a try.

Molly said...

how did you get an overage on the simubcol? When I try to figure the math I get some out of pocket not an overage. Am I missing something?

cheapsk8mom said...

welp, i got 3... so

12.99 X 3 = $38.97
Used 3 $4/1 printables = - $12
Used the WG IVC Coupon that takes off $10 for each Sambucol = - $30

$38.97 - $12 - $30 = - $3.03

$38.97 worth of product
minus $42 worth of coupon
overage :)