Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kmart Super Double Q's

It's confirmed. My Super K (they said all the Super K's were participating) is having SDQ up to $2, 4 per item, 75 coupons total. Going from 3/11 thru 3/17

I didn't have a game plan, as this was done on the fly... These are items that we needed anyways... (Sorry I rushed thru this post before... I have updated thx to Corey keepin me on my toes lol) I'm thinking my total was a few cents higher, but I can't find the receipt... This is about right though.

(4) 12pks Coke Zero @ $3.33 ea
- used 4 $1/1 from tearpad at Kroger a few months ago
Final: $1.33 ea

(1) 12pk of Sunkist @ $4.69
- used $1/1 peelie
Final: $2.69

2 Garnier Hair Color @ $5
- used 2 $2/1 manQ
Final: $1 ea

3 Secret Flawless @ $4.49
- used 2 $2/1 manQ
Final: $0.49 ea

1 Good Life Cat Food @ $3.99
- used $2/1 manQ
Final: FREE
I don't have a cat, this is for donation

2 Pedigree Snacks @ $3.29 ea
- used 2 $3/1 from tearpad in front of product (when you buy 1 jumbone)
Final: $0.29 ea

2 Pedigree Jumbone @ $3.49 ea
- used 2 $1/1 manQ
Final: $1.49 ea

2 Kraft Mexican Cheese @ $2.50
- used 2 .75/1 blinkies
- used 2 .50/1 Kmart Q on product
Final: $0.50 ea

1 Purina Carvers @ $3.49
- used $1/1 manQ
Final: $2.49

Total OOP: $19.83


Corey said...

You probably already saw this but there is a pretty good price on Tyson nuggets after coupons. The ad says Tyson is 4/$9 and in this past Sunday's SS there was a $1 off breaded tyson products. Obviously doubles to $2 making them 4/$1. I can dig .25 chicken nuggets :P McDonalds sells 1 nugget for that price.

cheapsk8mom said...

I did NOT see that... mainly because i only grabbed a few things we needed right off... with coupons i already had, thinking "if only we'd get SDQ again"

I'll be sitting down w/my ad and my thinking cap and planning a real trip for tomorrow or friday...

Who is this CouponNerd? said...

hmmmmmmmm i am jealous. I LOVE SDQ at KMart. Who said that ALL Super Ks were doing this? If it was a cashier I don't buy it.....

cheapsk8mom said...

it was a cashier, but i also saw it mentioned in an email copy/pasted in slickdeals in the drugstore forum...

but whenever it's "Every store" it's always YMMV since no one @ that company seems to ever be on the same page :(

Corey said...

Yeah, I sat down with the ad but really didn't see anything. But I look for the free items. You didn't list your price on Cravers and did the Jumbone Q not double? You said they were $3.49 and final price was $2.49 each...shouldn't they have been $1.49?

cheapsk8mom said...

yeah, i'm admitting now that i rushed this post. wicked sweet migraine again today. yay me!!

i'm thinking that i paid about $20.20 though, not the $19.83, but my receipt is MIA.

cheapsk8mom said...

oh - i'm also admitting that i really don't mind spending extra money on snacks for my dog. I love him so much... he's a spoiled baby. I want another dog so bad, but man are they expensive. we want either a great dane of another boxer. Although we're open to a boxer/mastiff mix. I love big doggies!

Corey said...

With all the excedrin you probably have that migraine should be gone in no time. I was just wanting to see the prices because I nab free treats for my Uncles dog. I don't care about his dog enough to actually pay for treats though :P So I was hoping the carvers were free since you didn't post their cost. But obviously they weren't so no treats for his dog from me.

tjwillis said...

Did you shop at the W. Washington St. Kmart? I am in Plainfield so I'm always watching your posts since we may go to the same stores. I haven't had much luck at that location and wondered if there is another on this side of town that is better. Thanks!

Who is this CouponNerd? said...

I called the KMart by me and they said they aren't doubling this week "that they know of". i hate when teh employees know less than we do. HAHAHAHAHA

maybe I will try one thing and see what happens.......worth a shot

cheapsk8mom said...

@ TJWILLIS - yes that's the store... Heck, I'm new here.. If you know of a nicer store, let a girl know.

@ CouponNerd - right? But when I see everyone's posts and their own blogs, I can see why. we coupon queens (and kings) are geniuses!

Corey said...

I shop at the West Washington too because it is right by work. I also shop at one off Madison on the southside because that is a detour route I can take to get to IUPUI.

A nice K-Mart? That is funny!

tjwillis said...

Corey & Cheapsk8mom... I know no such thing as a "nice" Kmart. Glad to know you guys are shopping there and its doubling without any problems. I can't go til tomorrow at the earliest so the shelves are probably bare of the stuff that would be free.

cheapsk8mom said...

tj - if they're bare - it's not cuz of me... I just can't get myself to want to go there today... I'm so lazy today!!!

tjwillis said...

Made a fast run last night and did ok but not great. Total before Q's 123ish, oop 38 and change. I am so burnt out of cutting, filing and matching coupons so I sorta went in half prepared. Better luck to you!

Corey said...

I would say you did a pretty good job! I only do free things for the most part.

I was there this afternoon and I saw someone with a coupon booklet but it wasn't you two.