Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Local Soccer for Kids...

This is a post intended for families with children ages 3 to 14 years old - in MARION / MORGAN COUNTY AND SOME PARTS OF HENDRICKS COUNTY in the Southwest Indianapolis'ish area.

Remember this post? Well it's time to sign-up for Spring League! (League Starts 4/25)
We're finishing up 2nd Winter Session - and after watching her brother play 2 sessions - our 14yr old daughter is now signed up for Spring! It's her first time playing soccer - and she's really excited... And to be honest, so am I. She has played other sports in the past, but since she's considerably smaller than other kids... she's always been self-conscious and didn't continue...

If you have a child (or know a child) that's 3 - 14 years old, and you live in the area - I definitely encourage you to sign up for soccer. Why I think this program is special:
  • Although winning a game is fun, it's not the goal (haha pun) of the program... The emphasis is on foot skills and team work
  • There's a footwork class taught by a former professional player - also the director of the program.
    • He's great with kids, and his own children (really really sweet girls) even play in the league
  • All of the kids get to play in the games, not just the "good kids"... My husband was a coach 2nd winter session, and we hope he'll get to coach again this spring!
  • Because the kids are given the tools to do well, and lots of positive support, their self-esteem is boosted... And I can't imagine a better thing, than a kid feeling great about themselves!
I could go on and on... Feel free to shoot me an email - I can send you the sign-up form!

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