Thursday, March 26, 2009


I apologize I haven't done a lot of posting today or yesterday... I'm actually working on a new blog, complete (i hope) with a .com URL ... I couldn't use because someone bought it, and they refuse to sell it to me... I'm NO HTML genius - and I can't afford to buy a blog layout like some of the other fancier blogs out there have, so it's taken me most of today, and part of tomorrow I'm sure... but I think you'll all love it... I'll share when there's more. I will try to keep posting a few things here and there, and after the giveaway (again - i hope) tomorrow, I should be able to have it up and fully running!!!

if you haven't entered yet, please do. I got my bracelet the other day, and it's wonderful. I really did feel pretty fancy wearing it. I'm a geek though, and new shiny things tend to make me happy.

So I hope you'll all follow me to the new blog when it's functional... It's been a lot of work, but also fun!

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