Thursday, March 26, 2009

Survey Update...

I've been posting for a little while about survey sites, and how I'm doing so far... I thought (to be fair & honest) I'd share EVERY single survey site that I am a member at, and how I'm doing as far as $$$. I feel like things are going great, I seem to get a few checks in the mail a week, even if just for $5. There's been some action lately with SheSpeaks and BzzAgent... not so much w/VocalPoint, but I am hopeful!! I know everyone doesn't have a ton of time, so I hope my reviews and experience will help you along your way!

saynation - 2,250 points so far! Just joined 3/17 (An $20 GC is 22,000 points) This site had a good reputation for getting points quickly - and turning them into amazon GC... which is my motivation for signing up. I've taken a break from saynation after they had a survey for my child to do, and after 20 minutes, she disqualified!!! Say what? Sign up if you want... I'm taking a break though.

viewpoint - $34.80 cashed out
--- this one's only available for sign-up via email referral. If you want me to shoot you a referral email, email me with your First & Last name and email address.

opinion outpost
- $34.00 Cashed out ($4.80 in the bank)

mysurvey - 735 points (redeemed 1100 for $10 O'Charley's GC)

synovate (Global Opinion Panel) - $135
--- my FAVORITE! . Tons of product tests, and plenty of surveys.

mindfield - $43 ($3 in the bank)
--- 2nd runner-up for favorite, not because I'm earning a ton of $$$, but because payment is SO FAST!

- 975 points (redeemed 1100 for $10 Amazon e-Cert)
--- Started out slow, but it's picking up now...

- $32
--- I'm still waiting for a few surveys I took to actually credit... This is another super quick-pay site!

- $19 (with $7 in the bank waiting to cashout)
--- You automatically qualify to "instantly win $$$" for every survey you qualify for... Got another survey this week.

in home product testing
--- VERY rare communication (for me) from this company. Others have tons of luck... Just DQ'ed from a survey today!

I have never qualified for a product test, but I know tons of people who do.

global test market
- 485 points

HotSpex - 195 points
This place is fun! I'm not entirely sure how it all works yet lol... But it was ranked #1 on Survey Police... I just can't get "into" this site... I am not sure why that is though. Maybe I'm just over-extended on the survey sites...



--- If you haven't signed up at vocalpoint, I'm going to have to ask you why NOT? Since signing up in March last year, I've gotten loads of Kashi Q's, Starkist Tuna Creations, Crest Weekly Clean, Venus Razor, and more. They typically arrive with a free product, or a free product coupon, plus a little stack of high-value Q's to share with friends!


--- General Mills program. They'll send coupon links, sometimes products to try and review. Remember the $1.10 off Progresso Soup? Those awesome $1.50/1 Progresso Broth Q's? That was thanks to pssst!


Bzz was slow going for awhile, but I'm currently in 4 campaigns now! Make sure you sign up, if you haven't already... Also, if you have teenaged children, have them sign up too! My 16 & 14 year old daughters just both qualified for a Clean & Clear promotion! I'm excited for them!! Also, husband signed up and was offered Glade Sense & Spray campaign! I'm loving Bzz

--- What is a BzzAgent, exactly?

Agents are everyday consumers who believe in honest word of mouth. In other words, they like to:

* Discover and check out new products, services, books and other cool stuff
* Share their honest opinions with people they know
* Have their input and feedback taken seriously by companies and brands
* Build social capital by being in the know and always having something to talk about

Make sure you sign up, this program is really starting to take off!!

Get free products You'll receive relevant products, services or content to test—and keep—absolutely free. A platform to sound off—give us your honest feedback, doubts and suggestions about each item you test and have your input go straight to the companies that make the product. Then you'll get the inside scoop on how you've impacted the product.

Special offers Periodically you will be given the opportunity to pass along special offers to your chosen friends—and of course enjoy them yourself.

mills advisory panel
--- MAP is a group of consumers willing to share their opinions about food with General Mills. By joining MAP and participating in our projects, you will have the opportunity to influence the look, taste, and experience of General Mills and Small Planet Foods products.

cvs advisor panel

--- Join to give feedback to CVS - you'll be paid from $5 to $15 ECB for surveys. I'm signed up, but have yet to get a survey... but one day I will... and it'll be great!

--- I love their products so much lol. I signed up for updates and to do surveys, and one day I got a package in my mail (like a vocalpoint one) with a free item coupon, and a stack of $2 off Q's! So make sure you join :) It's just a good plan.

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