Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BOLO -- 3D Glasses!!

BOLO!! Hahaha, I watch too much NCIS... Be on the lookout for these 3D Glasses!

About 150 million 3D glasses will be given away so Super Bowl viewers can watch a 90-second 3D sneak preview of the big-screen animated feature "Monsters vs. Aliens" during the big game Feb. 1.

The glasses will be distributed free at Pepsi/SoBe Life Water displays at 28,000 locations including grocery, drug and electronics stores and big-box retailers.

Well I'll be at the Target today getting 10 SOBE for $10, using .50/1 Hangtag coupons and getting back a $5 GC!! (ends up free!) I hope I see these glasses... I'm a big dork, but the thing is... I know I am... I'm beyond excited about watching something in 3D. Although I'm not sure exactly why, since my entire world (aside from blogging :) lol) is in 3D...

Anyways BOLO :)

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