Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I ran across this and I wanted to pass it along... My family doesn't qualify for this, but I reckon someone reading out there might, or at least knows someone who could benefit... So many folks laid off recently, unemployed, etc... Please pass it along!

Modest Needs offers three types of grants: Self-Sufficiency Grants, Back-to-Work Grants, and Independent Living Grants. The grants we offer at Modest Needs come with no strings attached and do not ever have to be repaid.

To learn more about the types of grants we offer at Modest Needs, please read about our Grant Types and Eligibility Requirements.

More About Our Bridge Grant

Modest Needs makes Bridge grants by remitting payment to a creditor for a relatively small, emergency expense on behalf of an individual or family suffering from short-term unemployment due to the current economic downturn.

In making a Bridge Grant, our goal is to allow a person who has recently become unemployed through no fault of his or her own AND who has yet to find a new position OR to begin receiving the unemployment benefits to which s/he is entitled to continue to look for work without having to worry - at least in the short term - about losing his or her home, car, health insurance, child care, or other items / services essential to an individual's ability to look for / accept new employment and / or to remain self-sufficient while that person is waiting for his or her unemployment benefits to start.

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