Monday, February 16, 2009

Awesome YoPlus Giveaway @ Cincinnati Cents...

Remember when i told you how much I love YoPlus? Welp - Katie @ Cincinnati Cents (one of my favorite bloggy people) was cool enough to get YoPlait's attention... And they're letting her do an awesome giveaway (which I hope I win) of a cooler tote bag (keeps things cold - not that it's cooler than other totes), a coupon for a free pk of YoPlus, a bottle, and a cute nutrition journal. Make sure you read her whole post, as she's tried my new favorite flavor - move over cherry - the Blueberry Acai. (ah-sah-eeeee) It's awesome, and yummy... and the kids agree (they ate all of mine up)

Anyhow - go here to her awesome blog and enter to win the prize pack... She's giving away 3!!! Wish me luck? Good luck back atcha!!!

That's right, Katie rocks.

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Cincinnati Cents said...

Thanks for the great shout-out! Good luck on the giveaway.