Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$1 off ANY Size Drink @ Caribou Coffee

Man oh man do I miss Caribou, so does the husband. Every morning he'd get 2 Depth Charges (Dark Coffee with a shot of espresso)... Just before we moved here, they actually closed their doors in Omaha. I hoped that there would be locations here, but sadly there wasn't. I do live less than a mile from the Starbucks though! Anyways - go here to print the coupon for $1 off ANY Size Drink @ the Caribou Store. Exp 3/17!

What's your favorite coffee shop drink?

I'm loving Starbucks' Chai Latte, or Triple Venti Vanilla Latte (3 shots of espresso)... Gotta be careful w/those though... I can get a little agitated with too much caffeine!

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Corey said...

There is a Caribou Coffee in Indianapolis...but they won't take coupons. They are on IUPUI's campus, so they aren't technically Caribou because they are run by a thing called Chartwells and of course Chartwells is why they put "Valid at participating locations only."