Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If it hadn't been free...

If I hadn't gotten this free sample in the mail, I would have never known.

I've used Crest Whitestrips in the past, but never really cared too much for them. Yes, they always whitened the teeth up, but the strips just weren't fun...

My experience with the Original Crest Whitestrips product:
  • Slippery during application, would always end up with product on my fingers - which hurts a little bit actually
  • Whitening product tasted icky the entire time the strip was in my mouth
  • The bottom strip would NEVER stay in place, and I'd end up gagging on it
  • The top strip would slide around, resulting in the whitening product getting on my tongue
  • The Whitening product slightly irritated my gums, and so as a result it would hurt during the process
  • I couldn't handle the problems, and would never leave the strips on for the prescribed time
So because of those things, I can honestly say that I would RARELY use the product... Matter of fact, I haven't finished the box I bought a year+ ago. I had to resign myself to the reality that I would never be able to have those BLINGBLING teeth like Joe Biden.

Then along came the sample...
  • Easy to apply the strip, and it stuck in place immediately - even felt kind of tight at times
  • The strips (BOTH) didn't slip the ENTIRE time I had it on - which was about 40 minutes because I forgot I had it on and was watching Animal Precinct - if you can believe it.
  • The taste is kind of gross, but I didn't really taste it until I removed the strip... so no worries
  • Noticeable whitening of my teeth, which is great!
So all in all, I really LOVE this product. A coupon for $10 came along with it, in the mail... These sell for about $40'ish dollars, so I'll have to now be on the lookout for a deal. I just wanted to share!

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Anonymous said...

I too was thrilled with the free sample. It stayed in place! Let me know when you find a great deal. I want to get a box as well.